United Search Aid Page in Bayou City Bull

         The United Search Aid page of the Bayou City Bull will and may only be the only place in the Bayou City Bull in which you may find negative news however, I
   think it's extremely important to do my part to help in the search and recovery of missing people. Back in the 90's I came up with the United Search Aid name and 
   I started a Yahoo group named: United Search Aid and with the growth and the interest our Yahoo Club help those with missing kids connect together and even
   resulted in a couple sucessful searches leading to finding loved ones. 
         Now from the time I was in 4th grade and local Police came to our school searching for Twin 2nd grade boys I've always wanted to do my part so I started 
   with the Yahoo Club then I got a DBA a few years later and now I have a Facebook Page and group as well as a Website:  http://unitedsearchaid.com
   I post and share many of the Texas Equusearch cases as well as anyone who personally knows someone or posts a missing person post on Facebook. I'm in the
   Process of making United Search Aid an actual Non Profit Organization taking it to the final step of raising funds finding Volunteers and getting out there along        with the other agencies like Texas Equusearch and do the searching for Missing Children and Persons on the front line.
     However, with the advancement of technology I would like to make sure each and every Volunteer has a Smart Phone with Video capabilities so that unlike in
 the past when you had to use the high dollar Police equipment each Volunteer can send live feed to a command center and make the search a moe up to date
 search hoping to improve the found rate over the recovery rate. 
    Each Month in the Bayou City Bull's (United Search Aid) page we will post active cases at the time of printing so that we have 5,000 (or) More circulation as
  we grow to see and know about the various cases to try to HELP in the search for Missing Persons. I honestly feel this is the type of Publication we need today
  one which focuses on Positive News and Jokes as well as a resourse for Karaoke events and Contests in addition to the important United Search Aid page to
  Aid in the search for missing people.
    Thanks for your time and I hope as I expect that Another Smile News (Bayou City Bull) Goes Viral and becomes a Positive source of things that will make each
  and everyone to have Another Smile when they think about Another Smile News and Bayou City Bull!  


                                          We hope to have our Office Number available 24/7 in the near future      (331) 234-6363