Coming Soon: Another Smile News will begin to Publish the..
                    Bayou City Tattoo Guide - Quarterly

          This will be a Special 4 Page Full Color Newspaper released every three  
    Months this guide will attemp to list most the Houston Area Tattoo Shops as
    well as Tattoo Artists.  Each Issue will feature a "Tattoo Artist" and include a
    page of his artwork on Models. I hope to have an AD in the newspaper from
    most the major Tattoo Shops in the Houston regional area.
           In order to qualify as a Featured "Tattoo Artist" if you work at a shop it
    must have an AD in the newspaper and if you work on your own then you
    need a Tattoo Artists Ad in the Newspaper. Just like Bayou City Karaoke,
    I think a Houston area Tattoo Guide is really needed because I always see
    posts on a regular basis looking for a place to get a Tattoo.
            This guide will attempt to have a listing for every Tattoo shop and Artist
    in the area and hope it can really boost the business of the quarterly
    featured Tattoo Artist. If your interested in more details and becoming a
    part of the 1st Bayou City Tattoo Guide...

      Please Email me at: