Karaoke Events and Contests in the Houston area

         After being a Bartender and Karaoke DJ for most of the last 25 years, I have come to truly enjoy and love to sing Karaoke in fact, My love for Karaoke brought about some of the best memories in my life. In 2005 I Video taped Karaoke singers for 4 months straight at the Canary Club in east Houston off of Freeport Street. At the time I was just trying to make a little pocket change by making it available to the singers however the way it turned out was much more then I ever dreamed of being amazing.
       How is that well fast forward a few years and I was able to take those old VOB files and convert them in addition to uploading them to 
                                                                                (My You Tube Channel) During the four to six years between filming the singers who sang Karaoke at the Canary Club two of the singers had passed away and the one (Ms. Pat) her grand daughter NEVER thought she would be able to hear her Grandmothers voice again and had no idea I had Video of her singing. Can you imagine the blessing and the great joy I brought to that family by making available to them a couple Videos of they're passed away Grandmother singing Karaoke.
        This truly made me feel as if I was on top of the world by touching and blessing a family with memories they can enjoy and share for years to come and anytime they want to hear Ms. Pat's Voice all they have to do is play one or more of those Videos of her singing. I'm truly amazed with the advancement in technologhy you can schedule a You Tube Video recording and now you can even make any Video a Facebook Live Video as it happens.
       Now due to the Copy right legality of Music I (DO NOT) Charge to Video anyone singing Karaoke I only charge for my time and editing as well as uploading time it's very reasonable. Don't let your loved one pass away without a Keep sake Video you can save and cherish long after they have passed. However, The Bayou City Karaoke page within the Bayou City Bull is just a link for Ad's of various places around Houston and what nights they have Karaoke. 
       I hope to create it to the point where anyone in the Houston area knows where they can go on any night of the week to sing karaoke. We 
even have a Special just for those places who are venues for Karaoke to place a reduced priced Ad on our Bayou City Karaoke page! Don't sit at home wondering where you can go sing Karaoke find a listing a place close to you any night of the week on the Bayou City Karaoke page in the Bayou City Bull newspaper.
       Rather your a Karaoke Venue (or) Even just a Karaoke VJ you can place a reasonable priced Ad right here on this page in future issues for more details please Email me at....    joe@anothersmilenews.com